High performance & technical bamboo fiber composites


Bambooder is the company that has developed a patented 

technology to extract ‘long’ bamboo fibers and to make an endless bamboo thread for high-performance composite applications. Composites made from Bambooder BioBased Fibers can compete with carbon, glass fiber, steel, aluminum, flax and hemp fiber.


Why bamboo

fast growth







Transportation - Automotive and other manufacturers of transportation goods have

no choice but to lighten their vehicles to meet the new CO2 emission regulations: either in the U.S. with the CAFE regulation (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) or in Europe to reach the target of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer for each new car sold, by 2020. Composite materials are an essential part of the answer to the challenges.

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Smart use of resource

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Developing renewable raw materials that replace oil-based raw materials to achieve the agreed climate goals.


Fossil raw materials such as oil are finite and must be replaced by renewable sustainable alternatives. Industries are looking for materials/products that are sustainable through - weight reduction - Co2 emission reduction - having similar mechanical properties (impact, bending and tensile strength) - being available worldwide.

Climate rules and regulations

…require a sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions and increasing use of renewable products