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A masterpiece of innovation, offering exceptional strength, fineness, and environmental efficiency. Crafted through an advanced process, these fibers set a new benchmark in material performance.

Close up of Bamboo Fibers
Bamboo being split inside factory
Bamboo Fibers
at least 5x more CO2 uptake
100% plant-based
3D animation of three layers showcasing the layers inside a fiber
Close up bamboo process inside factory
Close up bamboo process inside factory

High-performance fibers, zero impact, maximum precision

Semi-finished products



Ideal for various applications, our yarn offers superior strength and flexibility, with a significantly lower environmental footprint.

Coming soon


Versatile in application, this material excels in robustness, with a significantly lesser ecological footprint.



Ideal for diverse applications, this material boasts remarkable strength and flexibility, coupled with a notably reduced environmental footprint.

Coming soon


Characterized by its exceptional strength and flexibility, this net is both lightweight and robust, suitable for agricultural, industrial, and environmental uses.



The thickness of the short fiber mats is between 0.3 and 0.7 mm depending on fiber fraction, fiber volume content, and resin system.

Knitting fibers, no flow

Knitting fibers, no flow

Strongly clinging together, making for a strong product.

Loose fibers, good flow

Loose fibers, good flow

Various bamboo fiber fractions in length and thicknesses, suitable for multiple applications depending on the application, the correct fiber can be selected.

Macro Shot of Bamboo UnfurledCloseup of Bamboo

Establishing a new benchmark, unrivaled by competitors.

Crafting unparalleled bamboo fibers with properties tailored to your needs.

Technique allows for finer fibers

High strength and durability

Versatility in applications

Significantly lower environmental impact

Long fibers in lengths between 12 and 50 cm

Short fibers (mats) in various fiber length up to 3 cm

Our partners

We are thrilled to collaborate with industry leaders to advance our bamboo extraction technology, pioneer new biofiber applications, and driving sustainability in resource management.
Giesecke Devrient
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